Why parents like MAP:

“MAP enrichment programs is such a gift in our small community. I love the hands on learning environment, The kids truly love learning through fun and challenging activities. It’s so much different than the test driven atmosphere in school. My boys are experiencing a new way of learning that supports and augments their mainstream education. We will continue with Annie’s programs in future terms and highly recommend MAP programs to any and all kids!” – Brooke Acosta, mother of three MAP students ages 2, 7 & 9 yrs

“Our family is thrilled to have MAP enrichment programs as an option in Toledo for hands-on learning opportunities for our three children. Our eldest daughter is inspired by the creative atmosphere where learning is a joyful exploration. She loves active learning through games and play. Our younger children attended a summer music day-camp through MAP and came home each day glowing and singing songs! We plan to continue to participate in MAP programs as an enriching part of our family’s educational choices.” – Ann-Marie, mother of three MAP students ages 6, 6 & 11 yrs

“My son has participated in a number of MAP programs with teacher Annie and we couldn’t be more pleased. We do whatever classes match our availability and they are all excellent, due to her fantastic leadership. The kids are all engaged in learning – though not necessarily the same thing. They are gently pressed for the next level of problem solving or simply encouraged toward building persistence. Friendships and kindness are also clearly valued and this combined with the brain-work of MAP make for a really well balanced experience.” -Jessica, mother to 10 yr old MAP student

Why kids like MAP:

“MAP clubs are fun and interesting” – R.H. age 11

“We get to choose what we want to work on and how to do it” – O. B. age 9

“I like the activities we do because you get to work with a partner to solve problems and invent new things” – M.J. age 10

“I like the crafts we can make with a lot of different materials” – A.L. age 7

“Because we can be with our friends” J.A.

“Everyone is nice to each other” K.M. age 7

“The projects are really fun!” – G.T (age 11)

“I guess I do like music after all!” S.D.

“I want to do MAP every day!” – A.B. age 7

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