What is MAP?


About MAP Programs 

MAP programs are designed to ignite curiosity, inspire imagination, engage critical thinking and ultimately honor and enrich each child’s unique learning process. MAP programs include classes, clubs, camps, groups, lessons and sessions that provide opportunities for unique, hands-on learning experiences using a multi-sensory approach. MAP enrichment programs are continually evolving to meet the needs of individual children, families and the community. Therefore programs are subject to change -Please contact Annie Jones for the most current list of available offerings.

MAP offers a variety of programs including:


MAP clubs are small groups of six to twelve children ages 7-11 years with a facilitator/student ratio of 1:6. Club members meet for two hours either once or twice per week and run for eight weeks. Focus clubs are typically STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mechanics) or nature exploration driven with a variety of student-selected projects. Students choose to work on individual weekly projects and/or on a larger, more involved term project, as a team. These clubs also include a community service or “give back” component supporting students to engage in their community by making a positive contribution.


Musikfeen is a music and sensory playgroup for toddlers ages o-3 years and their caregivers. Groups meet for 45 minutes, once a week in eight week long terms. Toddlers and the caregivers are led through engaging songs, games, dance, musical instruments, hands-on (sometimes messy!) sensory activities and take-home projects! *Early exposure to music and positive social interactions through engaging activities has immediate and long term benefits on brain development, school success and emotional well-being.

Lessons & Tutoring

MAP facilitators offer individual or group lessons such as piano and other musical instruments, handicrafts, yoga, reading, writing, math, and other subjects as available.

Day Camps –

During the summer months MAP offers a variety of themed day camps for children ages 3-6 years and 7-11 years. Past themes have included “Music Makers”, “Explorers”, “Comic Artists” “Performers”, and more!

Mission & Philosophy

M.A.P. stands for “Multi-sensory Academic Partnerships”. Our senses are a crucial component to the learning process. We receive raw information through our senses, then our challenge is to make meaning and connections from that information. From the beginning of life our senses guide us through the jungle of experiences, through deserts of questions, and over oceans of information.  Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn…”  In MAP programs, kids learn to pursue their interests and passions, develop “grit”, or resilience, access resources, contribute to their community, build confidence, gain skills, and always continue learning…

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